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Lodgement Dashboard - BAS (2023)
The import ATO data routine was overwriting formulas in the 3 reporting level columns in that worksheet, resulting in a failure to match any of those levels with the relevant activity statements on the dashboard. That issue has now been fixed.

BAS JobPapers (2024)
We've made some minor formatting changes and added links to YouTube videos on sheets containing instalment variation calculators.

Hire Purchase Calculators (2023 and later)
With the exception of the Hire Purchase Summary and Hire Purchase Payout calculators, each calculator can now be used for any contract date on or before the year end of that calculator. e.g. For a contract beginning on 15/02/19 you can now use the 2023 or 2024 calculator. Previously you had to navigate back to the file for the financial year during which the contract began (2019 in our example).

The Journal worksheet now reconciles journals with the schedule.
Annual Accounts
Annual Accounts (JobPapers)
Full set of workpapers by entity type.
Division 7A Loan
Div 7A Calculator
Div 7A Loan Register
Distributable Surplus
All calcs & agreement.
Summary, multiple loans.
Calculate surplus.
Hire Purchase
HP Monthly Standard
HP Monthly Structured
HP Fortnightly
HP Weekly
HP Payout
HP Summary
Hire purchase schedules for any situation, as well as payout calculations and a summary of multiple HP balances for the GL.
Rental Property
Rental Income - Stand
Rental Income - Pte Use
Rental Income - Foreign
Rental Income - Recon
Calculate rental income, excl private use, convert foreign income & exps, reconcile with return.
Tax Planning
Tax Planning
Project profit, calculate taxable income, apply tax planning measures, calculate tax saved.
The new videos below have been uploaded to YouTube. You can access these videos either from our website at Main Menu/Videos or click on the links below to be taken to our YouTube channel -

GST & FBT Instalment Variations

PAYG Instalment Variations

Lodgement Dashboards

Division 7A Loans
We have started adding links to our YouTube videos in relevant calculations. Keep a lookout for this YouTube logo at the top of the relevant worksheet.
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