Hire Purchase Calculators (2023 and later)

With the exception of the Hire Purchase Summary and Hire Purchase Payout calculators, each calculator can now be used for any contract date on or before the year end of that calculator.  e.g. For a contract beginning on 15/02/19 you can now use the 2023 or 2024 calculator.  Previously you had to navigate back to […]

Tax Planning 2024 New

Our tax planning workbook for 2024 is now available for download.  With this calculator you can – Update YTD profit to include missing items and to exclude non P&L items. Project YTD profit to the end of the financial year using one of three options. Make tax reconciliation adjustments to that projected profit to calculate […]

BAS JobPapers 2024 Updated

The formulas and protection have been removed from the opening balance cells in the reconciliation sections for GST and Payroll to enable use of this working paper part-way through the year and to allow the entry of an opening balance for clients with a quarterly cycle at the quarterly section (previously had to enter at […]

Rental Income Calculators – Updates

This calculator has been updated to add an “Other” column for expenses paid directly by the owner rather than via their agent – Calculations/2023/Rental Income – Foreign These calculators have been updated to include descriptions for borrowing expenses, capital allowances, capital works (interest was already included) and when these amounts are added to the “Other” […]

Effective Tax Rate – User Request

Calculate the effective tax rate for your client group.  This calculator can be used for any year so you will find it under Financial Calculations. Calculations/Financial/Effective Tax Rate

Small Business Boosts – User Request

Calculate the bonus deductions claimable under the Small Business Technology Investment Boost and the Small Business Skills & Training Boost. Calculations/2023/Small Business – Technology Boost and Small Business – Skills Boost

BAS – 2024

Just one file now and select the entity type at the dashboard.  New features include – New reconciliations for GST, wages, PAYGW & super; Import Excel worksheet or any user-selected range in that sheet; and Draft copy of activity statements now produced. Calculations/2024/JobPapers/BAS

Rental Income – Foreign

Summarise rental income and expenses in a foreign currency and convert to AUD.  Add your own exchange rates for any country not listed. Calculations/2019 – 2023/Rental Income – Foreign

Lodgement Manager – Returns (2023)

Take control of your ATO lodgements with this interactive lodgement dashboard.   Import your lodgement report from the ATO portal and a client report from your practice software to produce a dashboard showing – your overall lodgement performance for the year to date; the quantity and percentage of entity types that make up your client base; […]

Working papers for individual returns for a client and their partner (2023)

This new addition to our JobPaper collection has been requested by a number of our users.  Keep all of your supporting records, reports and calculations for both returns together in this file and make use of the handy job management tools and Accountants Desktop templates included with the workbook. Calculations/2023/Returns – Individual