FBT JobPapers for 2024

The 2024 version of our working paper file for FBT jobs is now available for download.  Updates to the calculator this year include –

  • Protection over all sheets has been minimised to include just our formulas and labels or text, giving you more flexibility in adding your own data or comments;
  • You can now import Excel or CSV data to any unprotected cell in this workbook with just a few clicks on that option in the Accountants menu, consistent with our other JobPaper files;
  • A new Table group in the Accountants menu now allows you to work better with our tables.  Options in this group include insert or delete multiple rows, sort columns and fill down data (the latter can also be performed outside tables);
  • Insert pictures, shapes, icons or screen shots in all sheets to make it easier for you to follow or review your work;
  • New items in the Tools menu group include clear formats and fit or reset column widths to allow more flexibility in managing your data; and
  • If you need help or would like to provide feedback, click on the Email Support button in the Tools group to open a new email using your default email program and our address and the exact file name/version will be inserted in your email.

And just a reminder that this JobPaper can be used for all employer types (taxable, exempt or rebatable) and has worksheets to calculate all benefits to be shown on the FBT return form.

You can access a video on this calculator at Main Menu/Videos or click on this link to view it on our YouTube channel.


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