Lodgement Manager – BAS

Download an ATO not lodged activity statement report for your practice and import it into this workbook for an in-depth analysis of your BAS lodgement obligations.  The features include –

  • Once downloaded, it will take you just a few minutes to copy and paste ATO data into this workbook;
  • The Dashboard has a summary of the number of outstanding activity statements on your client list by form type, client type and period end date;
  • Activity statement statistics are shown in two groups, being those lodged by your practice and those lodged by your client.  You will need to identify this latter group in the data extracted from your practice management software.  Instructions on how to identify this group are incorporated with the workbook;
  • The Dashboard also has a list of clients with more than one activity statement outstanding;
  • An optional Manager Dashboard will allow you to import BAS managers from your practice software and analyse manager performance by period end date, client type and form type;
  • The Manager Dashboard also displays a list of clients with more than one activity statement outstanding;
  • Along with BAS managers, you can also optionally import each client’s email address and first name to enable emailing directly from the workbook;
  • A further option allows you to import client mobile phone numbers with practice data to enable texting directly from the workbook.  You will need a service provider to use this feature with Microsoft Outlook; and
  • You can choose any category of activity statement for email or texting by simply double clicking on any number in either dashboard.  A new sheet will be created with full details of the activity statements included with that number.  Send emails or text messages to these clients from the workbook.

This workbook will quickly put you in control of your ATO lodgement requirements.

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