Lodgement Manager – Returns (2023)

Take control of your ATO lodgements with this interactive lodgement dashboard.   Import your lodgement report from the ATO portal and a client report from your practice software to produce a dashboard showing –

  • your overall lodgement performance for the year to date;
  • the quantity and percentage of entity types that make up your client base;
  • your lodgement performance by entity type for the year to date;
  • current year lodgements by due dates showing the number due, the number already lodged and that percentage;
  • an estimate of your 85% on-time lodgment requirements for future dates; and
  • a lodgement summary for the prior 3 years showing clients with all 3 years outstanding, clients with the immediate 2 years outstanding, clients with just 1 prior year outstanding and the balance with no outstanding lodgements.

Using our new practice import wizard, import up to 3 levels of reporting data for each client from your practice software.  Reporting levels may include Accountants, Partners, Office Locations or whatever you need.

These are just 3 examples of the questions that this lodgement manager can answer for you instantly –

  1. From a list of staff responsible for lodging returns, how do they rank and which of those staff members are behind and need help;
  2. How many company returns need to be lodged by your Sydney office by 31 October and who are the staff members responsible for lodging; and
  3. How many clients have not lodged all of their 3 prior year returns.

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