JobPapers Update

We have commenced progressively releasing our new JobPaper collection of Excel workbooks, all included under your current annual subscription.

A JobPaper is an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets, template calculations and a dashboard designed for use in a specific job type in your practice. Each JobPaper has its own built-in menu for easy navigation.

When used in conjunction with a PDF copy of client records and a PDF editor, a JobPaper forms an essential part of a paperless platform for managing and completing a job in your practice, all contained in one file and saved in your document management system for easy retrieval.

In addition to including the relevant Accountants Desktop template calculations for the job type, each workbook also comes with checklists for job procedures and pre and post job admin tasks (all customisable), a to do list, a queries sheet, sheets for file notes and job-related communications, a dedicated records sheet, as well as several worksheets for specific tax and accounting reports and calculations. All in one file!  At the end of the workbook there are blank worksheets to use for any other purpose.

The following JobPapers have now been released –

* 2020 annual accounts for a company
* 2020 annual accounts for an SMSF
* 2020 annual accounts for a partnership or sole trader
* 2020 annual accounts for a trust
* 2021 FBT
* Sundry job (any other job not covered by a specific JobPaper)

The final stage of our JobPaper collection is expected to be released in May/June and will include the following 2021 JobPapers:

* BAS for a company
* BAS for a trust
* BAS for a partnership
* BAS for a sole trader

If you want some suggestions on working without paper in an accounting practice and see how JobPapers can form an integral part of that process, check out our short video on YouTube here.  Links to videos with Adobe and Excel tips will be released with the JobPapers.

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