Tax Planning (2023)

April is a good time to do some tax planning with your clients.  The 2023 version of our tax planning workbook has now been uploaded to the Calculations module.  Features include –

  • Project YTD profit to the end of the financial year using one of 3 options;
  • Explore tax planning measures to reduce the client’s taxable/net income;
  • View the marginal tax rates and income available at those rates for all related parties for tax-effective allocation of projected profit; and
  • Automatic calculation of tax payable by a large range of taxpayer types including Residents, Non-Residents and Minors, all with a combinations of MLS and/or HELP where applicable, as well as Seniors, Companies (standard & base rate), Super Funds (accumulation and pension phases) and Trusts.

Calculations/2023/Tax Planning

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