Tax Planning 2024 New

Our tax planning workbook for 2024 is now available for download.  With this calculator you can –

  1. Update YTD profit to include missing items and to exclude non P&L items.
  2. Project YTD profit to the end of the financial year using one of three options.
  3. Make tax reconciliation adjustments to that projected profit to calculate taxable/net income.
  4. Explore tax planning opportunities and calculate tax payable by all entities and individuals in the client group.
  5. Account for tax on deductible payments by client to associated entities or individuals.
  6. Account for contributions tax and Division 293 tax on deductible super contributions where applicable.
  7. For discretionary trusts, view the marginal tax rate for beneficiaries and income available at that rate.
  8. Calculate tax saved or deferred from tax planning.

For a demonstration of this calculator in action go to the video on our YouTube channel.  Make sure that your quality setting in YouTube is HD.

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