How do I change page breaks when printing an Excel document?

Sometimes when printing an Excel file, a block of data becomes separated and you want to keep that information together on the same page.

To change page breaks, go to View/Workbook Views/Page Break Preview and using your mouse, drag the page breaks into place.

Why isn’t my Division 7A loan agreement printing properly?

There can be several reasons for this, including the following –

  1. Full lender and borrower details have not been correctly entered at the Loan Summary sheet;
  2. Our print icon is not being used to print the agreement.  This icon activates a macro which will exclude irrelevant sections from the signing page; or
  3. If printing using the Microsoft Print to PDF printer, the paper size is not A4.  To fix this print to the screen using our print icon, select page setup/options/advanced and ensure that the page size is A4.
How do I print one of your spreadsheets?

Most of our workbooks have a print button which runs a macro to print the required area of the sheet.  However some of our more recent workbooks (particularly our JobPapers) no longer have print buttons as the general trend in the profession is to work without paper.

To print a worksheet which does not have a print button, you should first check that we haven’t set an appropriate print area by selecting File/Print.  Where the required area does not print, with your mouse select the area to be printed and then select File/Print and in the settings drop down in the print dialogue box, choose Print Selection.

Can I have the password to an Excel worksheet?

All of our worksheets are password-protected and we do not make that password available to users.  The integrity of our calculations relies on formulas and in some cases hidden information.  If any of this information is changed, moved or deleted, the worksheet will not function as intended.  Our macros also rely on the existing structure and any changes will not automatically update the macro, rendering it ineffective.

How do I renew my membership?

You will receive a reminder email about three weeks before your current subscription expires. To renew you membership, follow the steps shown on our site under Main Menu/Renew My Membership before the expiry date. Those steps are –

  1. If you are not already logged in, sign in with your username (email address) and password (even if membership has expired);
  2. Select your membership category here by clicking “Add to cart” and you will be taken to the Cart screen;
  3. At the Cart Screen, select the quantity of users, update the cart if applicable and click “Proceed to Checkout”;
  4. At the Checkout screen, your details will be pre-filled. Make any changes as needed and click “Place Order”;
  5. At the Checkout – Pay screen, enter your credit card details and click “Confirm and pay”. We only accept Visa & Mastercard;
  6. After your payment is successful, you will receive an email with your Invoice No;
  7. Go to Main Menu/My Membership; and
  8. Enter your latest Invoice No. and click the “Renew” button to activate your membership.

You have completed your renewal. If you have multiple memberships, you can add or delete members at the My Membership screen.

How do I change between printing black and white and colour in Excel

Go to print preview, page setup and choose the “sheet” tab. Remove or add the tick alongside “Black and White” as appropriate.

How do I find something on Accountants Desktop?

There are two ways to locate information and documents on our site.  The first is to simply browse the appropriate menu when you are looking for something specific like a Calculation or template Letter.  The second is to use the “Search” symbol located at the top of the page.

Why won’t the print macro in Excel work?

There are two possible explanations for macro problems –

  1. Incorrect macro settings. See Calculations/About Calculations for more information about macro settings; or
  2. When you save the file, it is important to save it as an Excel Macro-Enabled workbook (save as type).
Why won’t the signatories on the trustee resolution print?

This resolution forms part of the workbook Calculations/Year/Trust Distributions.  Any problem with printing is generally caused by not completing the names of the individual trustees or directors of the corporate trustee at the instructions sheet under trust and beneficiary details.

There no interest rates in the Div 7A worksheet after year 1?

Our Division 7A workbook allows you to maintain a loan, including calculating minimum repayments and any shortfalls and calculating year-end balances and early payout figures, for a maximum of seven years.  Benchmark interest rates for Division 7A loan purposes are released by the ATO just before the beginning of each financial year via Taxation Determinations.  After you set up one of these workbooks for the first year, the interest rate for that year will be automatically shown.  For subsequent years, you will need to manually enter the relevant benchmark rate for that year.  You will find that rate on our website at Rates/Interest/Division 7A.

How do I find a template letter on Accountants Desktop?

You have two options for locating a template letter.  The first is to browse through the table to find the letter.  The second option is to use the “Search” button located at the top right hand corner of the table and search by a key word or search by category.

What is Terminal Value in the Discounted Cash Flow Business Valuation?

The terminal value of a business represents its long term value beyond the forecast period.  It is calculated by dividing the year 11 free cash flow (for a 10 year forecast) by the difference between the discount rate and the long term growth rate.  The terminal value can represent a big share of the value of the business so use with care.

How do I exclude Terminal Value in the DCF Business Valuation?

You can exclude a terminal value from your valuation by showing the discount rate at the long term growth rate cell in the Assumptions sheet.

How do I use P & I loan calculations in the Property Investment Analysis?

In the “Analysis” worksheet, go to Finance under Assumptions and select “Prin & Int” from the drop down list alongside Loan Type under Orig Loan.

How do I show row and column headings in Excel?

Select “View” at the top menu bar and check the box alongside “Headings” in the “Show” group.

Why aren’t the formulas working in my Excel worksheets?

This often happens with a new or updated version of Excel.  Go to File/Options/Formulas/Calculation Options and check the box alongside “Automatic” in the “Calculation Options” section.

How do I hide completed jobs in the Job Register?

Firstly, ensure that each completed job has a date recorded in “Work Completed” column.  To hide those completed jobs, click on the arrow alongside the heading “Work Completed” and tick the box alongside “blanks” in the list of available dates and every job entry with a date in this column will then be hidden.

I am getting a network security warning when I try to open an Excel file?

We recommend that you choose the “Save As” command when you download our workbooks.  This will avoid any security related warnings or problems and you will then be asked if you want to open the file after it has been saved.

The large font size makes it harder to view and navigate the new site in a window which has been reduced in size

If you use the new site in a smaller window, you may find it more manageable to reduce the zoom level to say 90% or even 75%.  You can do this in the settings area of your browser.

I can’t see enough of the Excel worksheet because rows are frozen. How do I unfreeze the rows?

To unfreeze the worksheet, go to View/Freeze Panes/Unfreeze Panes

How do I get Accountants Desktop to open automatically when I turn on my computer
  1. For Windows 8/10, go to this folder – C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  2. Right click and choose New/Shortcut
  3. In the location box, copy and paste this shortcut – http://www.accountantsdesktop.com.au/
How do I show zeros in cells in Excel which have a zero value?
To show zeros in an Excel file, go to File/Options/Advanced, scroll down to display options for this worksheet and put a tick alongside “show a zero in cells that have a zero value”.


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