Note: Most of our videos now come with chapters and time stamps to allow you to go directly to the particular content who wish to view.

Title Description Duration
Accountants Desktop in Practice – Roger, Partner See how a partner could use our site 3:56
Accountants Desktop in Practice – Jane, Senior Accountant See how a senior accountant could use our site 4:02
Accountants Desktop in Practice – Kim, Personal Assistant See how an admin assistant could use our site 4:29
CGT Worksheets Demonstration of our Property, Shares & Cryptocurrency CGT worksheet. 10:24
Division 7A Loans Division 7A loan calculations, agreement and register 4:12
Hire Purchase Demonstration of the different hire purchase calculators available 5:10
Introducing Accountants Desktop Tour of the site 6:40
JobPapers – Overview Overview of JobPapers, our working paper solution for jobs 5:21
JobPapers – Annual Accounts Video on JobPapers for annual accounts, our working paper solution for accounts 29:50
JobPapers – BAS Video on JobPapers for activity statements. our working paper solution for BAS 10:37
Lodgement Managers Produce an interactive dashboard to manage practice lodgements 8:02
Working Without Paper 1 – A Paperless Plan Our suggested overall plan for working without paper 4:54
Working Without Paper 2 – Adobe Tips Tips on using Adobe in jobs as part of your paperless plan 10:08
Working Without Paper 3 – Excel Tips Tips on using Excel in jobs as part of your paperless plan 19:55










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