Personal Budget

This is a non-expiring monthly budget for use by your clients in managing their personal finances.  The workbook has been protected but without a password.  We recommend that you review this budget, make any changes to accommodate your preferences, including adding your practice name and/or logo and then use a password to protect the budget worksheet before giving it to your clients.

The features of this budget include –

  • A flowchart demonstrating best practice in managing personal finances;
  • Inbuilt formulas for payment patterns will enable automatic allocation of income and expenses across the twelve months;
  • Income or expenses with erratic frequency can be entered directly to the months involved;
  • Separate tracking of bills and personal spending;
  • Calculation of a weekly spend amount to help contain out of control spending;
  • Projection of the balance of the “Bills” account to reveal any shortfalls in monthly funds;
  • The actual balance of the “Bills” account for any month can be entered to make projections for future months more meaningful;
  • The ability to add a buffer (based on a multiple of your monthly provision) to provide for any interruption to your income or to cover individual monthly shortfalls;
  • A completed annual budget can be copied within the workbook for future reference and the current budget can then be updated with details for the new year; and
  • When customising this workbook for your practice, you can change the colour theme (Page Layout/Themes) to match your logo or practice colours.  You will need to unprotect both worksheets to change the colour theme and it is important that both sheets are then protected again with a password.

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