Vary Quarterly PAYG Instalment for an Individual

Estimate the quarterly PAYG instalment amount or rate for a variation for an individual.  Prepare up to 4 variations for a client and retain a full record of their PAYG instalment variations in the one file.  Features include –

  • Estimate gross income and deductions related thereto for each category of income.
  • Account for reconciliation items on the return to convert profit to taxable income.
  • Enter details of student debts (HELP, TSL, SFSS) for automatic calculation of repayments.
  • Estimate income tax, medicare levy and medicare levy surcharge on taxable income and account for tax offsets and other credits.
  • Automatic calculation of PAYG withholding on wages entered.
  • Separate “Projections” worksheet to allow estimates of income and expenses for any category of income.

Calculations/2018/PAYGI – Vary Individual Quarterly

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